Dangerous Life Skills

by Tierra Cooper

A man stood upon a railroad bridge in northern Alabama, looking down into the swift water twenty feet below. The man’s hands were behind his back, the wrist bound with a cord. A rope closely encircled his neck. It was attached to a stout cross-timber above his neck. For a brief moment the man had a vision of his pregnant wife. The thought of his son or daughter not knowing him brought tears to his eyes. He saw his child taking their first steps and or saying daddy for the first time. Visions of his wife grieving his death and then having to move on with life, was becoming completely too much.

For a brief moment the man thought about making a jump for it, but his fear of heights was overwhelming. Just as his thoughts became too much he was interrupted by the men behind him. The leader of the men holding him looked rough, his eyebrows were bushy and gray they looked as if he had been growing them for 20 years. His suite was wrinkled and dingy; his shoes were run down and covered with scuffs. One could only guess that he was a diluted version of a gangster. He appeared to be in his mid thirties, but he lived such a hard life that it aged him 15 more years. The other two men were copycats of the head guy.

The men ordered him to jump and not to hesitate or he would be shot. Before the man jumped he went back to his visions of his family. At that moment the man developed God-like strength and broke free from his bondage on his hands. He immediately rushed for the men his Martial Arts training kicked in and he became a modern day version of Bruce Lee. The man Jumped up in the air for what seemed to be hours and dropped kicked all three of the captures. He kicked them with such force that they fell like dominoes. The man noticed that the other men were getting up so he ran towards the end of the bridge and jumped. As the men ran after him they saw him drowning. They didn’t realize that the man possessed many talents one of which was he was a scuba-diver trainer; he practiced in rough fidget waters all the time.

The men looking down at the water began to smile because they believed that the man died. About five minutes later the man popped out of the water and began swimming like he was in a swimming marathon. The man finally reached the riverbank and retrieved a small device to free him from the rest of the items that were entangled around his body. It only took the man three minutes to free himself. The man threw the items back into the water to destroy the evidence. The man hurried up the hill to an awaiting car. In the trunk of the car was a travel bag equipped with a new outfit and a pair of shoes, in the pocket of the bag was enough money to last a life-time. There were pass-ports for him and his family as well.

The man told his wife if she didn’t hear from him to go to the Jones St. Bridge and look for a stone with a red streak on it. Once she found the stone turn it twice counter-clock-wise and then push the stone inward. He told her to wait for a train whistle and then hold her breathe. In the next moment the train whistle blew she closed her eyes and a gush of water pushed her into a hidden cave underneath the bridge. The man fully stocked the cave with wigs, change of clothing, and money. A letter was written by the man with instructions on what to do; she knew that it would take two hours before the man came to get her so she began to change her hair. Once she finished, she changed her clothing and lay on the bed to take a nap.

Meanwhile, the man had one last job to do before he fetched his wife. He went to the train station at the end of town.  The man went to the locker area and at the top right-hand locker he pulled out an envelope and put it under his jacket. The man drove to the post office and placed the envelope in the mailbox. Once he completed that task he went to the special place he sent his wife. The man’s wife was fast asleep so he woke her with a gentle kiss on her check. The man took his wife and the passports and headed for his private plane.

The contents of the envelope would shake up not only Alabama, but the entire American government. The Alabama Police department and the Secretary of Defense were planning to assassinate the President of the United States.  President Obama was in Alabama for his Presidential Address. The Secretary of Defense leaked the information so that the police could carry out their plans to kill President Obama.

As President Obama reached the podium to begin his speech, shots rang through-out the room. Pandemonium reached a new level. People began screaming and running away from the scene. The news broke that President Obama was killed; the country knew that the way they treated him was wrong. The past statements of judgment caused those people a tremendous amount of pain. They were accountable for their hatred. One reporter wrote “Woman collapses after finding out the news of the President. Once she gained consciousness the woman explained, that she had just spoke ill of Obama and the shock of what she said hit her like ton of bricks.”  A funeral was held for our late President with so many people in attendance that most were turned away. A quietness rushed through-out the church, many looking hopeless and remembering those who have died from unnecessary violence.

Within the next couple of days the Secretary of Defense now titled Vice President of the United States called a meeting with the Alabama Police to congratulate them on what they pulled off. As the men shook hands with each other in celebration the door to the room slowly opened up with President Obama holding the door. The men looked surprised to say the least as if to say “What the hell is going on?”

The President said, “I knew you all had this planned the entire time. THAT’S WHY I HAVE SO MUCH PLEASURE IN SAYING, YOU ARE ALL UNDER ARREST!” Just then the FBI came in and took them all into custody. Meanwhile, the man flew over Alabama looking down at it with a smile.


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