5 times flyers have been torn down. 5 times.



  1. What are the flyers that have been torn down? Academic freedom is important, yes, but “freedom” should not mean “anything goes.” I have not removed flyers myself, but would have no problem requesting that certain materials not be forced on the general university population (actually, I already did that. Please see my article, “University Decorum”). If I find something offensive, shocking, in poor taste, or clearly not befitting an environment that is supposed to be encouraging all of us to raise our intellectual standards, I will speak up. We have to live together in this environment. Overly-intellectual arguments about freedom of speech and academic freedom do not account for the human emotional reaction to certain materials. Are we here to shock the world or make positive changes? Thanks for the opportunity to speak up once again!


    1. So, would it be alright for us to remove your work? Would you find it acceptable for us to remove comments that you leave if they evoke emotional responses? Should people who are offended by your speech have the right to censor you? I find your argument problematic, and your anti-intellectual argument strange. Are you seriously suggesting that we not treat subjects intellectually? What does overly-intellectual mean?
      As you stated, you are thankful to be able to speak, and yet you use your voice to try and silence people. If you want to make an argument against freedom of speech you’re free to do so but to do so is a performative contradiction.


    2. I’m stunned by the use of the phrase “overly-intellectual arguments” in the context of a university publication. This has obviously become personal to you, Pat. In some instances, you want the right to speak about topics that are considered offensive to a majority (gay marriage is good for society), and in others, you want the right to play mommy and dictate what’s good for the rest of us. You’ve missed the entire point.


      1. I stand totally corrected about the latest removal of flyers. I made an assumption, and should know better. I had no idea that flyers advertising a student meeting were being removed. Luckily, I reacted to my incorrect assumption, and now the situation is being clarified. This is important information that needs to be disseminated. (Denny, I’ll ignore your “mommy” comment if you’ll ignore my “overly-intellectual” comment. You’re right…the previous flyer incident was personal to me, and I’m obviously not quite over it.) I apologize for my misunderstanding and subsequent overreaction, but I’m glad to be more informed because of it.

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