Have you checked your inbox?

President Ellen Hall sent a memorandum to the AUM community about the university’s failed “good faith efforts…to reach agreement on a number of key issues,” with their 12 remaining unionized employees.

Ellen goes on to say, “We anticipate that union members may begin protesting or demonstrating publicly, and want to inform our entire campus community that while they may be within their rights to do so, classes will continue to be held as usual and student services will not be disrupted. We are a mission-driven, student-centered educational institution and our first priority is to the students we serve.  Again, despite any demonstrations, it will be business as usual.”

I’ve been on campus since 11AM and so far have seen no demonstrators. As far as business as usual, students have reported seeing police cruisers in the parking lot three times today and it seems like the entire administration is here–on a Saturday–a typically Monday through Friday bunch despite the claim of being a student centered institution.

In fact  some students have been meeting every Saturday at lunch in the Library and as a result have formed a general assembly called the Student Union. The Student Union believe the university is not student centered or even focused on social, economic, and environmental justice which are all part of our University’s mission statement. The only student services on campus are the Library and Writing Center.  The Student Union’s mission is to facilitate student involvement on campus. Saturday, October 13th, at 12:15 we invite all AUM students to have lunch with us to discuss how the Student Union will serve students. Food will be provided and distance graduate students will be able to join us using Fuse. More details will follow.

The Student Union will be providing coffee for students every Saturday morning in the Library from 8am-10am funded by donations.


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