The Student Union: A Golden Opportunity

After attending the “Community Meeting” called by Joe Cronin and Matt Carson on Saturday, 11-10-12, other students and I found ourselves asking the question: What is the intention of the Student Union? This is a salient question, and it deserves our thoughtful reflection. I believe intentions are important, for they drive the language we use and the actions we take.

I had only attended one student union meeting before, but what I heard from many of the students at that meeting as well as at the 11-10-12 meeting were ideas imbued with positive, creative energy. It is always interesting to hear a diversity of opinions—we can learn so much from each other. It can also make for lively discussions that have the potential to go down a not-so-positive road. This is where our intentions become important. If our intentions are positive—if our intentions are to lift each other as well our campus—we will likely make decisions that create a vortex of excitement.

We are at a critical juncture as this Student Union gets off the ground. Together, we can make our Student Union whatever we want it to be. I repeat my earlier question and ask you to consider it as we move forward: What is the intention of the Student Union?


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