Sophrosyne: Or the Unpopular Art of Prudent Thought

Of this we can be sure:

We can never know the private doings and deepest burdens of our fellow beings.
Therefore, one should keep from judging anyone for fear of weighing unfairly.
I am truly grateful when others refrain from rashly judging me or you,
Whereas I find myself annoyed when, instead, they blithely rant ahead.

Trust is the sweetest tie that pairs or groups can share.
Once gained it is the most painful thing to lose,
And once gone the hardest thing to regain.
Alive, trust cushions the shocks and smooths the trials of life.
A blessing if you have some to give since not much is valued more.

True, he who trusts too easily may be taken for a fool,
But the first to condemn is oft revealed the true ass in the end.
Those who evade these two extremes remain worthy of esteem:
For mad it is to swear upon what cannot be known,
Or to regard one’s fancies as more certain than the truth.
-Jim Malarkey
with gratitude to Aurelieus, Cicero, and Seneca


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