Our sad silence

Outrage, decline. My fury boils over
the failures of people I trusted to do the simple things
they claimed they were programmed to do.
Then I realize: they lie, are lied to, and become silent.
Sad days in Detroit watching the empty Renaissance towers.
Sadder watching empty offices
In my hallways, unfilled
With people who no longer care to work.
I wonder if this is the unseasoning of Kapital in my locos.
I wonder if this is general dismay and macroeconomic
quietude. I wonder if we have retreated into quiet conscious silence, deafness,
and mute acceptance of an order that we know is wrong
and dysfunctional on 1000 plateaus, most of which we see.
I also know that what I feel is dysfunctional; I sense
The emotional ripple of saying so
To a pond of silence.

-Joe Cronin


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