Neighbor’s Yard

-Elaine Miller  

        A facebook friend of mine made a comment about his neighbor’s yard.  Having gone through quite a lot lately with my own neighbors I felt I should speak up.

        “Interesting you should ask about this subject”, I said.  Perhaps you should do the neighborly thing, go to them, and ask if there is anything, you can do to help.  Most people do not actively set out to drive their neighbors crazy.  They may just be going through a lot right now and have many things on their plate. 

            Have you ever heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child”?  Well neighbors are on much the same concept.  It takes a village to be a neighbor.  If you ask your neighbor, I will bet there is a good reason why they have not been able to keep their yard clean.  If you offer your assistance, they will know you care.  This in turn should motivate a positive response.  If in the end there is no positive out come, at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you cared enough to try.

            This reminds me of a conversation I had recently with another friend of mine.  “There are no good neighborhoods anymore”, I said.  What I meant was, there are no good neighbors anymore.  People used to care about other people’s feelings and asked if they could use a hand.  Such was the case when my cousin and I lived across the street from each other.  We would get up in the morning have breakfast and a cup of tea and start helping the other out.  When one house was clean, we would go to the other’s house and get it spotless.  This was nearly daily.  Neither of us questioned weather; the other needed the help, we just did this.

            Now years later, my cousin and I have separate lives and I look back on those days wishing I could somehow revive at least some of that energy that we both had to give back as we did then.  Of course, we both had less complicated lives and I had not gone through so many life changes at that moment.  There eventually came college and divorce and remarriage and more children then another divorce.  All of these things played a major role in leading me to where I am now.  I am a single mother trying desperately to finish raising her kids and feeling like a total failure.  Where are my neighbors, who is out there and willing to help?  Where are my neighbors now?





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