Editorial: Summer 2015

The pink flamingos have appeared once more in front of our building, which can only mean one thing. It must be summertime. Cue the music!

My, but the academic year flew by. And with the new season come fresh faces eager to take in some of Antioch’s trademark experiential learning. If this is your first time wandering through these pages, then welcome to our literary corner of campus. We’re a student and alumni driven publication, so imagine some of your writing or artwork here in the future.

BrunhildaAnd if you’re reading a print version of this edition, perhaps you’ve noticed the Voice isn’t its usual colorful self. Our poor printer, Brunhilda… She’s a sturdy one, but man, does she eat up the print cartridges. Luckily, we received the blessing of the McGregor Library to print on their copy machine. Their generous offer has helped us remain a free publication, and for that, we are grateful. But hey, if you’re a Midwest administrator and you miss our eye-popping chromatic display as much as we do, please contact us. We’re always open to new ways to keep Brunhilda in her primary colors.

I want to give a special thanks to Whitney Bell, literary editor and writing consultant for the Dizney Writing Center. She’s been the driving force behind the Antioch Voice this year, and it shows. You can feel her love and attention radiate from every page. Well done, Number One.

And, of course, I must thank the wonderful writers and thinkers at Antioch University Midwest for sharing their words and ideas. Without them, we’d be nothing but mailbox filler. They’ve provided us with plenty of juicy content for this edition. We’ve got creative pieces, poetry, and photography from around the world. I think there’s even a comic strip in here somewhere.
So grab yourself a cold beverage, dip your toes in the nearest watering hole, and read on.

Denny Russell
Managing Editor


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