By Karen Howard

What a most wonderful place to be, the greatest of all outdoors
To walk along and feel the waves that caress the pink sandy shores

The beautiful seagulls soaring, boasting their noisy claim
As they land along the shore, they seem to sing my name

We walk from shore to shore
Across the urban paradise street

We encounter a native islander
Riding his bike with sandaled feet

He stops and dismounts to strike up a conversation
Then he promises to give us a treat

There’s a place called Devil’s Cove, come and follow me
I know the people there and I can get you in free

In the evening the Gombey dancers come out and take to the streets
They capture your heart and dig into your soul with their rhythmic island beats

Brandishing hatchets and arrows with their colorful attire
They dance with graceful agility that you are sure to admire

Spacious fields of flowers with all their colorful bloom
Wait to fulfill their destiny of making sweet perfume

With all of its wonderful delicacies from crawfish to Barracuda
I hate that I have to say goodbye to my beautiful Bermuda


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