Pahd Bai Kaprow Gai by Bri

By Brian Harris

Glowing like a wok most days, farlang pink he’s,
Perhaps wandered into the wrong kitchen, to the eye of most
Sharing ancient and holy herbal gifts to many of Siamese
Guava hued joy shown upon the countenance of this host

So he begins with a Sawadee Kop and pronounced Thai bow called wei,
Pooting Thai, muttering nonsense, or praying for each of us.
He’s a flurry of motion, starting out hot, and then really wok-n-rolling today.
So far, no three second ruling decision, and likewise no cuss.

Garlic, gai, (or chicken), onion added then the holy Thai basil
Searing hard meat and veggies, this fast pahd requires very little stir.
Next, says he, I always cook with wine, hiccup, some times the pot too gets a fill.
He seasons, tastes, and then rings the bell, this work of poetry ready for the next mam or sir.


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