Death in a Moment

by Adrienne Crowder

The doves sang
The cats meowed
The woodpecker pecked and pecked

Then night fell
And tires squealed
Just few doors from home
Everything changed
When my drunk cousin crashed and hit chrome

Feel the shame
The sheriffs came
No lights and camera-free
They killed him dead in the dark
They thought no one would see

YOU can’t believe,
The sheriffs could be
Like the one who killed the lion Cecil
He thirsted for blood, no fear of a judge or of the people
Add leave with a few weeks of pay
The kill is a big trophy day

Damn it all, is this really the law?
That in twenty fifteen
With his gun, his mace, his partner, and taser
The Sheriff is seen
As the one who is in danger

I question why the killer of nine
Could survive for arrest and evaluation
While my cousin was killed
For hitting a car
Without a jury or explanation


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