the Antioch Voice Fall 2015

We are excited to present to you the Fall edition of the Antioch Voice. Click here to view and download: The Antioch Voice Fall 2015

The Antioch Voice 2015 Fall Cover


Editorial: Summer 2015

The pink flamingos have appeared once more in front of our building, which can only mean one thing. It must be summertime. Cue the music!

My, but the academic year flew by. And with the new season come fresh faces eager to take in some of Antioch’s trademark experiential learning. If this is your first time wandering through these pages, then welcome to our literary corner of campus. We’re a student and alumni driven publication, so imagine some of your writing or artwork here in the future. Continue reading →

Welcome to the New Antioch Voice

Hey there gang!  This is the New Antioch Voice blog, which you can participate in and have the whole dern community see what you have to say.  So, if you’d like to post your writing, community news, a video you made or a picture you took, just drop us a line and we’ll spell and grammar check it and post it.  We’ll publish anything, just let us know if you want your name attached or if you want to remain anonymous.  We protect our sources.

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