Sometimes Free Speech Hurts

by Denny Russell

The Antioch Voice will always be a diverse publication. We would do Antioch a disservice if we offered anything less than the heart and soul of her members. At the same time, the Voice staff is guided by First Amendment principles, so we understand that our freedoms have certain reasonable limitations. We exist to investigate truths and to create perspectives for our readers. Libel and slander have no place in our pages.

With that said, our editorial considerations end with doing no harm. We’re Antiochians, remember. We love to push boundaries and challenge the status quo whenever we can. Because we ALSO recognize the difference between inflicting harm in society and eliciting uncomfortable reactions in our readers.  Continue reading →


University Decorum

This past week, the related topics of decorum and censorship arose at Antioch University Midwest.  Upon entering school, I was greeted by a flyer taped to an entrance door depicting two females in a sadomasochistic pose. The flyer was generated by the AUM Voice staff and was intended to encourage students to “submit” articles to the Voice. Okay, I love words and can appreciate the double entendre. Unfortunately, the image evoked not my sense of humor or appreciation of nuances but fear.

That day, I had a conversation with two of the Voice staff members about my reaction to the flyer. It was difficult, but open and honest. Their concern about having the flyers removed from school walls and doors—not by me but evidently by others at AUM—without their permission was the attendant suggestion of censorship.
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